Support from Political Parties in Nova Scotia

Wondering what the candidates have to say?

Green NDP PC

Green Party

“We urge the Members of the Legislative Assembly to pay close and serious attention to the hundreds of letters addressed to them, the thousands of petitioners and the multitude of red signs across the province, calling for the cancellation of the proposed sale of Owls Head.”

Interim Leader Jessica Alexander

“We must stop devastating the forests, ocean, lakes, wetlands, air, and the unique ecosystems of this land. We strongly oppose the sale of Owl’s Head Provincial Park, and we would immediately cancel the sale, and work to increase the amount of protected land in collaboration with Mi’kmaq communities.”

Green Party of Nova Scotia Platform, Page 8
NDP (New Democratic Party)

“Protecting Nova Scotia’s natural places, which attract visitors from all over the world to our rural communities. The NDP would protect the remaining areas of the Parks and Protected Areas Plan, including Owls Head, and consult with the public and Mi’kmaw communities about new areas.”

Something Better for Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia NDP (page 45)
PC (Progressive Conservative) Party

Rankin’s actions are this file are really despicable.

My position is that any property on a protected list should stay on a protected list, unless a Court directs otherwise.

I will not allow this type of situation to happen under my watch and I certainly wouldn’t instigate it like he did.

That said, first, we need to understand what he actually signed behind those closed doors. My position is that everything pauses until we figure that out. If Rankin has committed the province to something we will need to understand that.

Tim Houston as written to Save Owls Head Provincial Park Supporter
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